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Wreck My Podcast

Jul 8, 2020

For Jordan's last episode in California, we have special guest Ryan Budds on to bring legitimate comedy to the podcast! Plus, we describe what a milking table is for better or for worse. We also send out an open challenge to one half the Elite 8 Showdown podcast because he's been running his mouth way too much about loving Craiger and Craiger only. Topics discussed this week:

- Beer Review of Grid City Honey Cream Ale and Vernal Brewing Mama's Milk Stout

- Would You Rather Question: would you rather be a master at software program and coding language, or a master of every spoken language?

- Hashtag Problem segment: California shutting back down, no mirrors in public bathrooms, 4th of July being cancelled, and losing the earbud to your headphones

- Patreon Question: If you could make a themed hotel, what would your theme be?

- Things To Ponder Segment

- Stoked On This: Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, Strange Evidence, Darth Maul TV show, Craiger has a girlfriend, Animal Crossing swim update, Fallout TV series, and Pokemon Unite

- Trivia about Austin Powers movies for the Wreck My Podcast championship belt

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