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Wreck My Podcast

Nov 18, 2019

Join us at the round table and hear some things you wish you never did.
Topics discussed:
- Beer review of Saint Archer RVCA Session IPA

- Much discussion of Disney+- Random Question: if you could wipe one celebrity from the collective memory, who would it be?

- Hashtag Problem segment: being sick, getting crappy boba, and James Dean being cast in a new movie

- We have a huge tonal shift mid podcast to discuss the school shooting that happened in our town, and that our thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected

- Patreon Question: what game or movie franchise would you like to see be turned into a large map virtual reality game?

- Celebrity birthday trivia segment

- Things to Ponder segment

- Stoked On This about directing a short horror film, Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland, Pokemon Sword and Shield is finally out, and a new Mike Birbiglia special on Netflix

- Cam's Corner featuring Pickle Surprise

- Trivia about Disney Channel Original Movies for the Wreck My Podcast Championship

JOIN US for a live podcasting event at THE DUDES BREWING in Valencia, CA, Tuesday, November 26, starting at 7pm.



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