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Wreck My Podcast

Nov 11, 2020

It's been a whole month since we've done an Around A Round Table, and wasn't that a breath of fresh air. But now, we're back to wreck all of your ears, mostly because nobody knows how to stay in front of their mic, Cam! Topics discussed this week:

- Beer review of Molson Golden Ale (aka cheap Canadian beer), Wild Leap Brewing cookies and cream stout, and Corona Premium

- Would You Rather Question: Would you rather know how you die or when you die?

- Random Question: Do you like scary mazes at theme parks?

- Hashtag Problem: cardboard boxes everywhere, had to get gas after working from home for a long time, rain and humidity in Georgia, and the movie Ad Astra

- Patreon Questions: 1) What's the experience like podcasting remotely and what do you miss from California; 2) What do we think of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies; 3) What conversations do we refuse to talk about at Thanksgiving dinner

- Stoked On This: Cam is a course lead for his new job, his girlfriend is moving in soon, Dodgers win World Series, Mandalorian season 2, Among Us, Jared Leto Joker in Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver coming to Switch, Animaniacs on Hulu November 20, Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and rumors of Star Wars Force Unleashed 3

- Trivia about Thanksgiving for the Wreck My Podcast championship belt

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