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Wreck My Podcast

Feb 25, 2019

Discussion of pizza and dessert starts off this episode, so you know we are starting on a high note! We drink and talk about Victory At Sea Imperial Porter by Ballast Point Brewing and a new spiked agua fresca drink by Golden Road Brewing. We also answer the question by our patron, what is the scariest movie you saw as a kid. In our news segment, there's some talk of Oreos, pigs, porcelain watermelons, and tigers in Texas. We are stoked about the Hulk Hogan biopic, Bill and Ted's newest adventure, Space Jam 2, and baseball. Who do you think the rudest animal is, because we have our thoughts. Will we crown a new champion of trivia? Find out during our Star Trek trivia this week! And finally, we watch an old flash animated Youtube video that was all the rage when we were in high school.


Wayne Rulez Youtube Channel

End of Ze World

End of Ze World Sequel


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