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Wreck My Podcast

Mar 18, 2020

With the world seemingly coming to an end, let's all go down with the ship together. And what better way to embrace the icy waters of quarantine and hysteria than with your pals over at the Wreck My Podcast. But in all seriousness, we try to talk as little about all this as possible so you have some entertainment that doesn't revolve around the same thing.
Topics discussed:

- Beer Review of a hard kombucha, so not really a beer review, Boochcraft Hard Kombucha with apple, lime, and jasmine

- Would You Rather Question: would you rather never be able to exist outside, or never be able to exist inside?

- Hashtag Problem segment: grocery store stories, glitchy video games, and moving out of a house

- Patreon Questions: 1) What do we enjoy most about doing a live podcast?, 2) Would we rather have dick sized nipples or a nipple sized dick?

- Weakest Link trivia lightning round

- Things To Ponder segment

- Stoked On This: Last of Us TV series, work in underpants, Dirty Money series, Avenger's Campus, and Star Wars Project Maverick

- Trivia about Rocket League (not really) for the Wreck My Podcast championship belt

JOIN US for a live podcasting event at POCOCK BREWING in Valencia, CA, Sunday, March 29, starting at 2 pm, but most likely it won't happen because the world is ending and everyone is becoming mole people.


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