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Wreck My Podcast

Feb 26, 2020

Nicholas Cage is just being Nicholas Cage in this 2007 superhero movie that was made while we still didn't have a lot of faith in that movie genre. We discuss the finer points of this movie, like whether or not Ghost Rider can pee and why Nicholas Cage acts the way he does. As we do on most episodes, we are getting...

Feb 19, 2020

We have a special guest in studio for this recording, and play some segments from our live show last Sunday! Also, we steal a question from another podcast because that is what people do, right?
Topics discussed:

- Beer Review of Pipework's Brewing Peach Beach

- Random Question: Is ketchup a smoothie?

- Hashtag...

Feb 12, 2020

It's another guessing episode! From rock to emo to nu metal to alternative, we have a ton of music to listen to! We try to guess the artist of songs by only listening to about 10 seconds, and we do a pretty good job of it. The thing we don't do a good job of is being professional, but what else is new? So listen along...

Feb 5, 2020

The other possible name for this episode was The Jolly Green Giants Butthole. Now, doesn't that make you super excited to see what the heck we talk about this week?!
Topics discussed:

- Beer Review of Stone's Enter Night Pilsner

- Random Question: How many chickens would it take to kill an elephant

- Hashtag Problems...

Feb 1, 2020

Double the tastes, double the fun on this episode! We start out with some Bud Light Seltzers because that apparently has to be a thing in the world today. Then Craiger mentions something about brownie filled pretzels, and our curiosity gets the better of us. Find out how badly - or how goodly - these affect...